exercise E [environment as material]

During the remainder of class today (and your off-site work day on Wednesday) visit a place you have never been before in the city—a park, a creek, a store, a cafe, a parking lot, a library, anywhere!

Create three sculptural installations using materials found in your new environment. All three sculptures should be created in this one environment. Consider using color, scale, form or texture as a guiding force in your creation. Think of these as fluid gestures and move elements around unexpectedly until you achieve something interesting (put leaves on top off a car in a particular design, stack rocks on a bench in a precarious way, etc.)

Photograph your three installations from multiple angles and upload them to your blog when you are done.

RESOURCES : Carson Davis Brown’s Megamart Installations, Gabriel Orozco’s Supermarket Photos, Andy Goldsworthy’s Earthworks

DUE DATE : Post photographs of your three installations to your blog by next Monday 02/17. 


  • Your project proposals for the Self-Directed Intervention Project must be posted to your student blog by Wednesday 02/12.
  • Wednesday 02/12 is an off-site work day. Use this time to visit the location for your Self-Directed Intervention Project and begin your work there. It is expected that you utilize this regular class time to focus on your project independently and have work-in-progress to show when you return to class on Monday 02/17. You do not need to visit the classroom on off-site work days and attendance will not be taken.


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